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“Rare and hard to come by…but when such talent finds its way together under the same roof, consider yourself lucky to be at the right place at the right time.”  Laddie Durham, owner of Harry’s Cajun Bar & Grill, Hyannis, MA

What started as Purple Monkey Dishwasher in the late 90’s with the friendship of three young men has evolved into the energetic, high quality music of a five piece band known as Funktapuss.  As a live act, they bring a dynamic energy to the stage which is enhanced by a complete and full sound with a huge emphasis on the ‘groove.’   With a 2+ hour live set and a repertoire of over 60 songs, the music of Funktapuss comprises original tunes and influences from such artists as Stevie Wonder, Parliament Funkadelic, Soulive, Maceo Parker, and Victor Wooten.  Funktapuss has entertained crowds of over 2000 at many of Cape Cod’s top venues and prides itself on being tight with a massive groove that will fill a dance floor.

Meet The Band

Brian (Beek) Vanderbeek – Electric Bass

A native Texan, Beek was introduced to music by his parents’ vinyl collection of Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, James Brown and many more.  Naturally drawn to the sound and feeling of the electric bass at age fourteen, Beek’s hunger for the bass line was insatiable.
Swiftly moving through influences such as Nirvana and Green Day, Beek discovered the music of jazz musician Jaco Pastorious and continued to study music theory and jazz at Barnstable High School where he teamed up with Chris Santos and Ryan Tivey.   Beek also honed his chops by attending a weekly jam with R.C. and Blues Alley at the famous Harry’s Blues Bar in Hyannis, MA.
After serving six years in the United States Navy in the Iraq war, Beek started his professional music career in Honolulu, HI.  Mentored by world renowned bassist Victor Wooten, Beek developed his own incredible groove and quickly found himself on a very short list of highly sought after musicians.  During this time, Beek backed up visiting artists from LA including Jennifer Johns and Medusa, and released an album with the band Satellite Grey.  Returning home to Cape Cod in 2007, Beek was recruited by the bands Cape Fear and 57 Heavy.  Beek founded Funktapuss which quickly became one of Cape Cod’s most popular bands.

Funktapuss at Harry's

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Chris Santos – Drums

Growing up in the Providence, RI area, Chris started playing the drums
at age 12 and has never looked back. A strong natural talent, Chris knew he wanted to make a career out of music at an early age. Eventually moving to Cape Cod where he attended Barnstable High School, Chris met Ryan Tivey and Brian Vanderbeek. They had a strong musical bond, decided to start a band, and have been playing together when possible ever since.
Chris developed his skills playing in various jazz ensembles and local bands in the Cape Cod area and received a full scholarship to Berklee College of Music where he earned a degree in Music Performance.  Playing in various studio, jazz, and R&B
groups and studying with many of today’s top professional drummers, Chris currently resides on the South Shore near Boston, teaching drum lessons and performing with Funktapuss and The Jackson Wetherbee Band.

Ryan Tivey – Tenor Sax/Baritone Sax

Native Cape Codder, Ryan Tivey met bassist Brian Vanderbeek and drummer Chris Santos while attending Barnstable High School in Massachusetts.  Introduced to the funk of Tower of Power by fellow band member, Brian Vanderbeek, Ryan found his calling with music.
Majoring in music education at Berklee College of Music and working at the popular Harry’s Blues Bar in Hyannis, MA, Ryan mastered several musical instruments with alto sax and baritone sax being his forte.
Ryan studied with Fred Lipsius of the Grammy award winning band Blood, Sweat, and Tears and has jammed with Jerry Portnoy from the Eric Clapton Band, Richard Dryfus, David Garabaldi, Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks.

Tommy (House Party) Davis – Electric Guitar

Native to Massachusetts, Tommy lived in the northern part of the state till he was eight, when he moved to Cape Cod. Coming from a family that loves and appreciates music, he picked up the guitar as a young teen, and started jamming with friends from school. Having no formal musical training, Tommy would sit in his room at learned songs from the listening to the albums he owned. His styles were always shifting, from folk and alternative music like ‘the Moody Blues’ and ‘the White Stripes’, to rock music like ‘Cream’ and ‘Led Zeppelin’, to the blues like ‘Buddy Guy’ and ‘Stevie Ray Vaughan’, to Funk and Soul music like ‘Soulive’ and ‘Stevie Wonder’. At sixteen he stared going to the blues jams at ‘Harry’s Blues Bar’ and that’s where he met fellow Funktapuss member, Ryan Tivey. Through out and after high school, Tommy played in various groups until June 2009, when he sat in with Funktapuss. The chemistry was evident, and in August of that same year he join the band was their Guitar player.

Latez Crawley – Vocals

Singer-Songwriter Latez Crawley learned the transforming power of music early in life, encouraged by his musician mother (Antoinette Crawley) whose eclectic nature led him to appreciate different styles of music.
Originally from Petersburg, Virginia, Latez was singing in gospel choir and in school choirs from elementary through college. Latez’s vocal abilities took him from All-district to All-state competitions and he also performed 100 Years of Broadway at Walt Disney World. Attending the American Musical and Dramatic Academy of New York City, Latez received his BFA in Theater Music in 2008. After graduation he played a role in the Andrew Lippa’s version of ‘The Wild Party,” was in the world premiere of the Tennessee Williams play called “Green Eyes,” and landed his first lead role in “Bye Bye Birdie” as the title character Conrad Birdie.
Latez joined Funktapuss as lead vocalist in the summer of 2009.


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